Were you here
When the land was fresh
With the scent
Of a spring monsoon?

Were you there
When the raindrops fell
With the light
Of the summer moon?

Were you gone
When the leaves were changed
With the chill
Of an autumn gloom?

Were you free
When the snowflakes dropped
With the hush
Of a winter tune?

bookmark_borderStuttering Sounds

Fragments always, never-ending, heart beating, time fleeting
Sounds that can, turn my head, make me red, shed the bed
Looking out, closing in, shielding ears, hiding fears
Longing for, time to think, surrounded by, on the brink
Even though, stout of mind, stop for once, end this kind
Sounds that do, make me feel, can’t control, make me kneel
Stuttering Sounds, make the rounds, all abound, like a hound
Listen quick, make it stick, as they’re gone, quick as a fawn
Over there, did they flee, Stuttering Sounds, leave me be

bookmark_borderShadow and Light

The sparkling lights of the city
Urge shadows to dance and play
Swiftly and lightly they spring
Sleeping with the rise of day

Daylight breaks hopes renewed
Shadows have to fail
They live on, with a secret song
Coming night will soon prevail

The cycle goes ever on
Enduring the stains of time
Making plans for the dawn
Where shadow can commit no crime


Change comes from within
So they say
Who are they

They’re the ones that tell you
You can’t do that
You’re not good enough
You’re too short, too tall, not smart, not at all
Listen to yourself, you’re nuts, they say
Who are they to judge me anyway?

They don’t own their faults
Lay them on your shoulders
Lead, heavy, heartbreaking boulders
Their shame is your shame
Their weakness is yours to bare
Get out while you can, hide
They’ll probably stare

Ignore them, as you should
Your life is yours to live, yours alone, do what you would
Own up to your mistakes
Make your heart light
Enjoy this short life we have
Don’t give up the fight

I’ve borne my shape for too long
My shame too
I’m working on changing my stars
I really hope I do
Take it to the next level, make a man out of me
To be, only, happy
To find the one I need
To make me believe
The dream love that I see
When I dream I do dream
Leave it be

It’ll happen when it should
Not because you thought it would
But when the time is right, the day is short
You’ll make an epic cohort

Dance dance dance, dream dream dream
Don’t forget your ice cream
Laughter, joy, guiltless life
You deserve a world with no strife