Marcy 17th, 2023

1 Peter 4:10 CSB – Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that there are some things that I’m just never going to be good at. I’ll never be good at meal planning, dancing, or acting spontaneously. I’ll never be good at being chill while flying on an airplane, staying calm in the mess that is Saturday afternoon shopping at Costco, or remembering to pull the shower curtain closed after a shower. However, just as I am aware of all of the things that I’ll never be good at, I am also aware of the things that I am good at, specifically the things that I think God has given to me as one of his “varied graces”.

For a long time, I used those gifts for selfish reasons, thinking that if God indeed granted me those gifts, then it was my right to use them as I see fit. It is a gift after all, and gifts don’t require any sort of response except maybe a thank you. However, that’s worldly thinking and is out of line with the economy of God. God has gifted us with various abilities and skills so that we can be of service to others, for God’s glory. For each gifting that we have, we should intentionally seek ways to exploit that gift for the betterment of people outside of ourselves. Just as Jesus poured himself out for us on the cross, I believe it to be our responsibility to pour ourselves out for others, using the giftings that God has given us. In that way, we can become more and more like Christ.