Nooceptin – Day 2

Today was my second day of Nooceptin and I feel a stronger effect than I did yesterday. It seemed to have lasted a lot longer as well. I took the recommended dose at around 8:00 AM with breakfast and a cup of water with caffeinated Mio in it. I started to feel the impact of the product about 30 minutes later, and it peaked around an hour after that. Throughout the morning I felt focused, calm, and more than able to tackle my work-related tasks. My mind felt quiet and clear like I had just taken a week or two off of work. I didn’t sleep well last night, so it was a surprise that the product helped me to have mental energy when I typically wouldn’t have any after a rough night of sleep.

During lunch, I sat eating with my wife, just feeling calm, and not really wanting to chat much. Usually, I talk a lot because my mind is busy. Today, my mind was busy, but it was organized, and just… calm. Very cool.