The AI I’m Looking For

I use WordPress to keep track of all my writing and have for more than a decade. I have more than 3,000 blog posts, most of them private, stored on my WordPress site. I also have letters to my family, information on what to do once I’m gone, and similar such information. I think my WordPress site, especially the private content, is a good snapshot of who I am over the years, good days and bad. I would like to train an AI model on that content, and then have a chatbot serve as the front end of the content, taking on a persona that is essentially me. I would like someone to be able to type “What would James think about $this?” and have the chatbot spit out an answer that is how I would respond to the query. I know that we’re getting close to that type of AI personalization, and honestly, it may be here now. From a technical perspective, it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to set up something like this, I’m just at a loss on how to do it.