Last updated: March 12th, 2024

Hello, my name is James, and this is my website. Thanks for stopping by. As of this writing, I am 41 years old and live in the Tampa, Florida, area with my wife Anneke (pronounced like Monica, but with an aahn sound instead of an M sound). We’ve been married for six years and have two little boys. Jack is three Hank will turn two in August. We also have several pets: Rosco, a Boston Terrier who thinks he’s in charge, and two cats, Slacker and Beasley-Gene. While Anneke was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, James was born in Dade City, Florida (about 30 miles north of Tampa) and has been in the area his entire life.

Professionally, James is a systems engineer with more than twenty years of experience. He loves to build systems, whether storage, virtualization, networks, applications, SaaS products, or anything else that needs an administrator to manage it. If it uses electricity or connects to the Internet, James probably has experience administering it (or something like it).

James loves spending time with his family, reading, writing, working on various technical projects around the house, playing games, and volunteering. JamesGamble.net is a resource for James and anyone who wants to get to know him. It should serve as a central repository of James, the things he likes to do, and the things he has created.