May 19th, 2023

Ephesians 1:22-23 CSB – And he subjected everything under his feet and appointed him as head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of the one who fills all things in every way.

Over the last six weeks, I’d say, I’ve only been able to attend church in person, once. There were a few weeks where we missed attending because we were sick with Covid. Another week, Anneke was able to attend, but I was in Michigan at a convention. A couple more weeks were taken up by a family vacation where we roamed around Georgia and east Florida. The one week in the middle of all of that where I was actually able to attend felt like coming home but also felt like being introduced to a new group of people for the first time. I was so disconnected and felt awkward and nervous. Because I hadn’t been in regular communion with the body of Christ, I wasn’t functioning to my potential fullness. The verse above mentions… the church, which is his body… I am a part of the church, which is his body. I was disconnected from the body of Christ for a while because I was disconnected from the church, and I felt the effects of that. It was kind of a shriveling, fading feeling. That feeling serves as a stark reminder to me of how important it is to maintain connections with the body of Christ during busy times, sick times, and fun times. It’s essential to maintain those connections because if you don’t, you’re vulnerable to the machinations of the enemy.

Now that I’m able to attend again (and write devotionals again), I’m starting to get that “full” feeling back. I’m excited to be able to serve this Sunday and see folks that I haven’t seen in some time.