My Huel Adventure

In an effort to be healthier, I’ve invested some time and money into researching things that will not only help me to control portion sizes but also give me as close to complete nutrition as possible, without costing me an arm and a leg. I discovered Huel late last year, and after spending some time reading about other people’s experiences with the various Huel products, I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m nearly two weeks into my Huel journey, and this is how I’m managing it. Also, oddly enough, sometimes I’ll drink a Bang energy drink in the morning, and that seems to act as an appetite suppressant as I don’t get the hunger pangs nearly as bad in the afternoon when I’ve consumed a Bang. Bang is sugar-free and has a few extra things in it that energy drinks like Monster don’t have.

I neglected to take a weight measurement before starting this experiment, however, I’m going to start tracking it next week. I do feel lighter, and I have been sleeping better at night. I’ve also not experienced any post-lunch fatigue that I wrangled with in the past.

  • 6:30 AM – I drink one 50-calorie serving (one scoop) of Huel Daily Greens.
  • 8:00 AM – I drink one 600-calorie (three scoops) Huel Powder v3.0 shake for breakfast.
  • 12:00 PM – I eat one 400-calorie (two scoops) of Huel Hot & Savory for lunch.
  • 5:30 PM – I eat a meal consisting of a protein, starch, and veggie for dinner.

After two weeks, I’m starting to see some nice benefits to this regimen. After drinking Huel Daily Greens, I find that within 20-30 minutes, I’m alert and ready for the day much in the same way caffeine would affect me. I do still supplement caffeine some mornings (our 7-month-old still isn’t sleeping through the night), but I’ve found it a lot easier to get going at first light. I’d say the hardest part about the way I’m doing this is the gap between lunch and dinner. By the time dinner rolls around, I’m famished and need to eat something immediately otherwise I’ll begin to binge eat. Thankfully, my wife is great at preparing meals for us and typically has something ready by the time I get home a little after 5:00 PM.

I’ve also been avoiding eating anything after 7:00 PM so that my body can get into a nice fasting state overnight. The 50-calorie Huel Daily Greens serving that I drink at 6:30 AM does break my fast, however, I figure that by that point, I should have close to 12 hours of fasting, which seems like an agreeable amount.