Theme Park Idea

I have an idea for a theme park and want to see what people think. A lot of it is vague ideas right now. The park is split into five “kingdoms” each represented by a unique color scheme and overall thematic design. Each kingdom will have 2-3 signature shops, restaurants, attractions, and rides, all fitting with the theme of the kingdom. Each kingdom will have strengths and weaknesses economically and militarily.

Park visitors download and install an app. They create an account and create a character. All parties (families, groups of friends, etc) are automagically assigned a kingdom when they arrive at the park. At first, their characters are peasants, but as they explore the land, they gain experience. Experience is gained by riding rides, visiting points of interest, or whatever. As characters level up, they rise in rank from peasant to merchant, to nobility, to royalty. The higher their level, the more ability they have to pick the direction and overall gameplay of their kingdom.

Eventually, by mid-day, each kingdom should have a king/queen/emperor/whatever. That special person (or some sort of mechanism in place to select a new monarch if the initial person stops playing) can choose to attack, align with, or whatever to any other kingdom. Note, if enough of the other players stick together, they can override the monarch and install a new one. The goal is to be the last kingdom standing and has control over all five kingdoms of the park. Eventually, this means it’ll come down to a military challenge. As your character levels up, you can learn various skills and abilities. You can be a soldier, a magician, a healer, whatever. You can also see the strength of your kingdom’s forces at any time via the app. Once it’s time for a fight, all of the people of a particular kingdom must work together to either attack or defend. I think it could be done in a turn-based type of gameplay where you have to make a decision every 15 minutes or so.

If your kingdom is defeated, you can choose to join any of the other remaining kingdoms, until two are left. When it’s down to the last two kingdoms, the losing kingdom will receive nothing. The winning kingdom will receive prizes, like the winning kingdom’s theme in a fireworks show, a 50% discount on a piece of kingdom merch, free food, or whatever. The winners will also receive a token (added to their account) that can be used in future days/games to start their character at level two instead of level one. All players reset at the end of the day. Come back soon!