Do you ever have a day
Where you cannot get away
All things running behind
So many things on the mind

The day starts off wrong
You do not quite belong
Pushing against a flood
Thoughts feel like mud

Trying to catch up
Needing to fill your cup
There is too much to do
Not even time for the loo

When the day is done
You have had no fun
It is time to go to sleep
While trying not to weep

Often, I find myself running behind with all my daily tasks. Some things I budget 10-15 minutes for but end up taking 30 minutes or more. It seems like some tasks appear out of the blue, and need to be done immediately, pushing back my schedule for the entire day. On days like this, Last speaks most clearly for me. They are the hard days, days that I dread, and at the end of those days, they make me feel like I am worthless.