Like a cooling breeze on a summer night
Refreshing those bathed in firefly light
Hoping the moment will last a while
No fear, no worry, just a serene smile

Laughter returned to our home today
Weeks of frost began to melt away
A blessing for sure, a sight to see
Laughter has finally returned to me

It may not last, and that is alright
At least for now, we have tonight
A relief to my soul and much needed too
To put away sadness and feel less blue

Tomorrow begins another new day
I hope the laughter chooses to stay
We have been beaten, bloodied, and bruised
With laughter, the pain is mostly diffused

As we were recovering from the hurt we experienced during our miscarriages, some bright spots began to appear in our lives. I don’t remember what specifically prompted Laughter, but I do remember that to an extent, it was incredibly healing. We both needed a good, solid laugh. When that laugh finally came, so much pressure from the preceding weeks was lifted and we were able to be happy for a bit.