Some of the people in life that you meet
Can make you feel less than complete
By assuming the worst with just a look
Without even bothering to open the book

They assume that their way is the best
Their opinions refuse to give you rest
Making a call but should you disagree
Throwing up their hands in silent mockery

There are more ways than one to get things done
Some folks prefer to walk instead of run
The choices one makes are theirs to own
Even if your choice is already set in stone

Lordly was written as an ode to people who take one look at you and assume all sorts of different things about your character. They offer advice that, while appreciated, is often given to you with a “my way or the highway” mentality. If you decide to slow down or maybe go a different route, you’ll still get there in the end, but it won’t be pleasing to that Lordly person.