The music of my heart
Is a melody of thunder
Reverberating outward
Towards the one I love

She was made for me
The one I kept watch for
Over the long years
Alone in the spotlight

I stand guard before her path
Chasing harm that would fell her
To keep her conscience unblemished
From the darkness of this world

After our miscarriages, I was in bad shape, but my wife was devastated. At some point during my own mourning, I realized that I needed to shield her from others. Sometimes people approach you with sympathy and understanding, but then want to hear all the details of your hurt, forcing you to relive it over and over. Sometimes, those people are people you love dearly, but you have no energy to tell them to be quiet. My wife was unable to push back on those people, so I made the decision that I would be her shield, which inspired Lyrical.

I was alone for a long time and didn’t marry my wife until I was in my mid 30’s. I looked for her for years and we finally met each other when we had grown up a bit. The line “Alone in the spotlight” is very personal to me because it’s an indicator of people around me, focusing on me, and asking why I hadn’t settled down yet. It was uncomfortable, embarrassing, and hurtful to feel that way (and to be asked those questions). The last bit of Lyrical speaks to me protecting my wife from the things around her, especially during a time of need and hurt.