Dear Mr. Mann – Dot’s Pretzels

Dear Dot,

A few days ago I was at a church meeting with my regular men’s group. One of the guys brought in a fresh bag of your pretzels as a snack, and we were all immediately hooked. At first, the guys were a little cautious. Many of us had already eaten dinner and we didn’t want to eat anything else so late in the day. But we are also really nice and didn’t want to offend the guy that had brought the snack. So, each of us ate a couple of pretzels. I swear on my geography book, every… single… guy… went back for more. We couldn’t stop eating them. We killed a huge bag of pretzels within about 30 minutes (between 7-10 guys) and we were all a little shaken up that they were all gone. We then spent another 30 minutes just talking about how good the pretzels were. Game, changing, pretzels.

I had never heard of Dot’s Pretzels before that fateful day at church and now I have a new favorite snack. Thanks so much for such a great product!



James Gamble