I am living in a personal gilded age
I lack for nothing, which is all the rage
I pay my bills and always on time
There is no ladder I cannot climb

Even though I have all I need
My heart still clings to a bit of greed
I find myself coveting more and more
Gathering possessions is such a bore

I turn my head from contentious desire
Focusing my thoughts on something higher
I fear the day that I give up control
If I do, greed will take me whole

As an adult in mid-career mode, I’m at the point where I make more than enough money to support my needs and lifestyle. However, there is a desire that keeps me thinking that I should have more. I don’t need more; I have enough. However, the desire is persistent, and often I find myself giving in to thoughts of greed. I give money away, and that seems to temper those thoughts, but they just kind of simmer below the surface.