To learn, to improve
To find, a groove
To hear, to meditate
To absorb, to radicate
To strive, with hands
To settle, new lands
To tread, new ground
To memorize, new sound
To yearn, for more
To spurn, a bore
To know, a topic
To write, a comic
To gain, to grow
To live, to sow

I enjoy learning and self-improvement activities and I wrote Learn when I was feeling especially productive. I keep a large checklist of things that I do every day and switch them up when I start to get bored. I know that I need rest, so there’s a battle of wills with two different sides of my personality. One side wants to sit on the couch and watch movies, while the other side wants to get out and do something. The side on the couch knows that rest is required in order to enable productivity in the future, but the other side doesn’t care what the couch-side thinks and wants to go on a bike ride.