Time spent alone
Not staring at a phone
With a good book
Reading in a nook
Looking at a flower
Enjoying nature’s power
Hearing a happy song
Dancing all along
Sunning on a beach
Eating a fresh peach
Listening to crickets
Alone in thickets
Finding shapes in clouds
While recounting them aloud
Sipping a bit o’ whiskey
Getting a little frisky
Time spent in pleasure
Are joy, truth, and treasure

I wrote Leisure on a happy day when I took time to rest mentally and physically. I remember it being a beautiful day outside. Figurative dark clouds had been hanging over me for weeks and this day was the first break in those clouds that let me imagine there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I felt joyful and at peace. Out of all the poems I’ve written, Leisure is one of my favorites.