A liar I am
When I say
That I am alright
That I am okay

I lash out at friends
And loved ones too
I need to make amends
But do not know what to do

The weight of the sky
On my shoulders
Like Atlas, I strain
Life’s worries like boulders

My heart often yearns
For a few minutes of peace
From pain, from worry, from anger
Please let it cease

I feel so alone
Even though my wife is near
We are in this together
I still have fear

I feel like an island
All pressure on me
I do not have what it takes
Please just let me be

Often, I think
Of my loving wife
Wishing that I could
Provide her a better life

Liar was written to show what I was feeling on the inside when I was instead putting on a brave face. The internal dialogue of my mind sometimes sounds like this, even if I’m having my happiest day. I think Liar is common to us all. We all have these thoughts and feelings, whether we want to admit them or not.