I lift this thing, up to you in prayer
I hope you hear; I hope you are there
Somedays I think I can go at it alone
I wish that I could call you on the telephone

Living is impossible without a speck of faith
How can one not turn into a wraith?
Where do you go when you feel all alone?
Where do you turn when you are not yet grown?

When this thing that I pray for is behind me
My focus on you will lessen to a degree
I am sorry already for the shame to come
Please forgive me for I have already succumb

Sometimes when you pray for something, it feels like you are alone on an island with no one to talk to. The person that you’re trying to talk to usually doesn’t talk back and you end up feeling like it’s a one-sided conversation. In those moments, faith is hard. Sometimes you get past the hardness, sometimes you don’t.