A shadow of sadness darkens her face
When she is wearing her mask upon life’s stage
Hoping that others do not look too closely
Earnestly seeking to discuss something else
That is when I know her to be lovely

Her eyes have more lines than when we first met
Her smile and laugh make them disappear
She smells like summer near the ocean waves
Her voice filled with mirth and easy conversation
This is how I know she is lovely

When we are not together, I look for her
Even though I know where she is
We see each other in the evenings
Where we spend time talking about our day
The time spent together is so lovely

We make grand plans to go on escapades
Finding ways to enjoy our lives together
She is always up for a new adventure
Memories we have made will last forever
All the memories we share will be lovely

Lovely was written for my wife. She is an incredibly strong person and is also skilled in the art of veiling her emotions from those she doesn’t wish to see them. I see them though. I see the cracks in her mask and the thoughts behind her words. And that’s ok because I love her and want her to be happy. And she loves me. And we’re good together.