I want to be a man of Gondor
But I lack noble blood
I was born into a family
Three generations from mud

Every day I strive
To elevate my station
To live in a castle
Forever on vacation

Lacking in contentment
With my role in life
Yet I keep striving
Sometimes causing strife

Some days I wonder
If my dreams will cease
If I will turn my back
And gradually decrease

Time is weighing heavily
There is so much left to do
I wish that I were stronger
Strong enough for you

Lowborn represents my mission to elevate myself above the station of my grandparents and parents. It seems that in most cases, each subsequent generation is more well off than the previous generation and I am no exception to that rule. However, I feel that just by the benefit of having parents that wanted me to succeed I could have idled at a certain point in life, and still ended up better off than they were. I realized a long time ago that if I put in the effort, lots and lots of effort, I could grow and be so much more than previous generations, thereby increasing the prosperity of any generations that come after me. I use the example of becoming a man of Gondor (from Lord of the Rings). The people of Gondor were a greater people than the rest of the men from Middle Earth. They were of higher lineage and were meant to rule over other men. I strive to be a man of Gondor, but I would be happy as a man of Rohan.