Dear Mr. Mann – LaCroix

Dearest LaCroix,

Without you, I am blue.

When I’m thirsty, I’m the… worsty

When I need you, you are there

Thank you for, your peach-pear

Every morning after I wake up, the first thing I do is crack open an ice-cold LaCroix to help me start my day.  We’ve tried other brands of sparkling water, but they just aren’t up to your standards. Clear American? Bah. Waterloo? Makes me think of Abba. Kirkland Signature? Well, their grapefruit is pretty rad, but everything else SUCKS. You’re the only sparkling water for me LaCroix. If you ever find yourself doubting your quality, or purpose, or radness… think of me, and this letter, so that you will be encouraged. Iron sharpens iron, and we’re all in this together. Except for Clear American… seriously, that’s not a great product.

Have a great day.


James Gamble