Dear Mr. Mann – PDQ

Dear PDQ,

Several years ago I worked at ConnectWise and enjoyed a daily stipend to your test kitchen. I didn’t know anything about PDQ prior to my tenure at ConnectWise and was amazed to discover that Chick-Fil-A didn’t have the best chicken sandwich in town, PDQ did. Over the years, I’ve become a huge fan of PDQ, often making it a regular part of my weekend. When COVID hit, I was thankful that PDQ was one of the first restaurants to pivot and make a limited menu available for pickup. My wife and I had been craving PDQ for weeks, and getting our fix was what kept us sane during those early COVID days. Not because of the delicious chicken (that was indeed part of it), but because it brought about a sense of normalcy in our lives, if only for a brief period.

As a Tampa area native, to another Tampa area native, I just want to say thanks.


James Gamble