Dear Mr. Mann – Mio

Dear Mio,

I start my day with Mio Energy
To bring my mind into symmetry
Without you, my day is lost
To me, that justifies the cost
Black Cherry, oh how I love you so
Wicked Blue Citrus, you are my bro
Tropical Fusion, you give me wings
Green Thunder, you pull my strings
Strawberry Pineapple Smash, what a blessing you are
Acai Berry Storm, you take me far
In my mind, Mio Energy reigns king
Its delicious flavors make me sing

I drink a lot of Mio Energy and have all six flavors in my home currently. It’s what gets me moving in the morning and it helps me to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes, I drink other caffeine products like Monster or Bang, but I always come back to Mio. I’ve also become a Mio mixologist of sorts. For instance, mixing Acai Berry Storm with Black Cherry creates a delicious flavor that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s also nice to mix Tropical Fusion with Sprite for a nice little carbonated kick.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my appreciation for such a great product.


James Gamble