Dear Mr. Mann – Mazda

Dear Mazda,

At some point in my life, I decided that I was the sort of person that drove an SUV. Previously I was a sports car kind of guy. If it had two doors, rear-wheel drive, and an obscene amount of horsepower, I was game. But one day, I just sort of… cracked, and decided that I should have a car that was a little safer and could fit more than 1.5 peoples. So, I started looking around for a car that was for a dude like me, and one day I saw a white Mazda SUV with black wheels and a sunroof, AND I WANTED IT. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the car that I had seen was a CX-5 circa 2015-2016. I began an Internet search to find one at a reasonable price. I researched all the various trim levels and discovered that I wouldn’t be happy with anything other than a Grand Touring AWD… And then, one day, I got in… (queue Tron: Legacy music). Eer, one day, I found one…

The CX-5 that I found was about two hours away from me, but my car at the time was a 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0, so I got there in like ten minutes… I took it on a test drive, and boy did it drive like a dream. I made an offer on the spot and drove it home later that day. And, I’m still driving it. It’s a really rad car and I feel really safe in it.

So now, dear customer service associate reading this letter, if you’re still there, I have a request. I collect enamel pins and I would like to find an enamel pin of my car. I figured that Mazda may have some floating around for marketing purposes and I would like to have one. I would gladly pay for any shipping. Please let me know if this is doable.


James Gamble, a Mazda CX-5 Fan