Dear Mr. Mann – Wawa

Dear Wawa,

First, before I say anything else, I think you should include a “praise” type of feedback in your feedback form because I’m pretty sure that would be the bulk of the feedback you receive going forward.

Second, I love you.

The Wawa near my house opened about two years ago, and every Friday I stop in for a breakfast burrito and a Monster. I’ve only had one or two less than stellar experiences at my particular Wawa during that time, and that’s really saying something about the type of people that Wawa hires. I know most of the staff now by name, and the folks in the deli recognize me by my order (literally the same thing every single week).

I feel like Wawa cares about its employees and customers, and I’m just grateful that one is close to me so I can give you my business.

Finally, I love you. Whoever runs your social media sent us a care package earlier this year because we had a baby in February (his first outing was to a Wawa, not even kidding). In the care package were a onesie, a bib, and a stuffed animal. It’s stuff like that which make you unique.