Hide the hidden in a vault they say
Turn the key, walk away
It is not the way of a man to express
How it feels to feel undressed

Exposed and naked and a little afraid
Shaking and trembling and looking for shade
When along comes another seeking the same
Looking for a friend and asking your name

Together they speak of a lighthearted thing
Too afraid of what openness may bring
Over time, however, a bond begins to form
Each grateful for shelter in the lingering storm

Thoughts of unlocking the vault begin
In the hearts and minds of both the men
Finally, the keys turn, and all comes out
Friendship like no other begins to sprout

Lock was written as I thought about how many men live on an island, without another friend to share with. Men are taught to suppress their emotions to keep what they’re feeling to themselves. This is not only a detriment to all men everywhere, but a detriment to society. If men cannot be open and honest with other men, we lose something important. I wanted to express how I was feeling and so Lock was born.